Boro (Japanese for tattered rags) and Sashiko (little stabs) are decorative Japanese repairing stitches that are not meant to be hidden but to enhance the fault. Traditionally white cotton thread is used on indigo blue cloth which is said to recall snow falling around old farmhouses. Sometimes red thread is used for decorative purposes.

At Christmas I got a Sashiko book  as I was interested in the concept of making something old and worn usable again and the Wabi- Sabi aesthetic of finding beauty in imperfection.

I stitched the piece above to represent walking in snow in Derbyshire. There is a therapeutic effect of the ritual of creating the running stitch and recalling the journey.

I was interested in combining this old and traditional technique with something modern and digitally manipulated a series of photos of the stitched piece.






These had a feel of an aerial view of a hilly landscape with tracks around like ancient routes.


Through another digital process I drew over parts to emphasis and blurred out others, changing colours. Just experimenting and thinking of possible uses. The pattern prospects excite me, but feel that at the moment everything is a bit clumsy.


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